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Healthy Malden

Heard the news that Healthy Malden is suspending operations? Click here to post on our comment page and let everyone know how you feel or how Healthy Malden touched your life.

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About Healthy Malden

Healthy Malden

Healthy Malden is located at 239 Commercial Street in Malden and can be reached by telephone at 781-388-4404 or by e-mail at HEALTHYMALDENINFO@gmail.com.

Created in 1993 by Hallmark Health and the City of Malden, Healthy Malden's mission is to improve the health of the community by fostering citizen and agency collaboration aimed at priority community health issues within the City of Malden.

The strength of Healthy Malden is the collaborative efforts of Malden's diverse culture. With financial support from grants and foundations along with donations from businesses and individuals, Healthy Malden develops and sponsors educational and advocacy activities to successfully and effectively reach children, families, professionals, and individuals with information vital to the health of Malden's community.

Healthy Malden continues to encourage partnerships among public and private sector organizations, community groups, and residents of all ages who work together to address issues that are identified through a collaborative assessment process. The coalition also serves as a clearinghouse and resource center on programs and services available throughout the Malden community.

Over the years, Healthy Malden has developed one of the most widely recognized networks of community organizations designed to address the diverse population of Malden. The coalition has demonstrated profound success over the past 15 years in bringing together key leaders and stakeholders to have a positive impact on the community. Join us in our efforts to make Malden a healthier place to live, work, and raise a family.

Contact us to get involved with one of our existing task forces or to suggest new ones!